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Tracking time


Base Package

Our base package comes equipped with everything an employer could need to manage employees and time accounting. With this simple straightforward system, employees can log their time in seconds and real time alerts so management can remain on top of things. Quartzfire’s Time Clock Solution goes above and beyond, allowing for company announcements, employee and admin notifications, and direct time entry auditing when discrepancies occur.

  • A scalable company themed system
  • Microsoft 4 Surface touch screen display
  • Real-time punch and shift management
  • Customizable admin alerts on employee activity
  • PTO management & time itemization
  • 5 hours of onsite training

Reporting Options

Quartzfire’s Time Clock Solution is equipped to handle any manner of time entry reporting you may need. We can create any number of customer presets for your reporting and paper trail needs so that you’re on file records show exactly what you want. Presets not your style, need soothing a little more dynamic? Fully customized reporting is an option, allowing you to create your report as you need it, or even make your own presets on the fly.

  • Shift Punch Reporting

  • Time Punch Reporting

  • Shift Reporting

  • Shift Vacancy Reporting

  • Punch Tardiness Reporting

Hardware and Mounting Options

Purchase of the Quartzfire Time Clock Solution will come with a dedicated hardware device in the form of a Microsoft Surface 4. This dedicated hardware will handle running the software for smooth sailing, and comes with multiple installation options. Wall mounts for stationary use or hard cover case for mobility, wherever you need it most.



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Keeping time has never been easier

The Quartzfire Time Clock Solution is built to handle any time keeping situation. Employees will love it for its simplicity. Employers will love it for handling shift reporting and totaling working hours. Customer alerts allow you to always keep up with what’s happening in your workplace.

Announcements, notifications, and detailed record keeping in addition to foolproof time entries. This time clock will be your new best friend in business management.

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